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Guest Feedback

"A friend of mine recommended this place to me when I complained about an awful pain in my neck and shoulders. It had already been three days and I couldn't work or sleep very well, so decided to give it a chance. As a first-timer, I was very nervous for my first session, but Peggy was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire session. I definitely will be back because my neck felt amazing afterwards and slept like a rock that night."     -AK

"As an elderly person who recently suffered a stroke, I was lucky and can still walk but can't move my right arm and right leg very well. After my physical therapy, my doctor recommended me to try massage therapy as a way to reduce my muscle tension and improve my ability to move my joints more. My message therapist, Peggy, has worked with me closely for 3 months and I am happy to say she has significantly helped me in my road to recovery."       -SW

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